At Patients Choice Medical Center, we are aware of the difficulty and true reasons behind weight gain. One effective diet protocol involves HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin), which is a hormone present in both males and females. The hormone is abundant in pregnant women. During pregnancy, the hormone controls the metabolic function. When injected or taken inside the body, HCG increases metabolism and converts stored fats into energy. There are three phases for this diet: the loading stage, the maintenance stage and the stabilization stage. Appropriate monitoring throughout these phases at Patients Choice Medical Center

HORMONES – Lack of certain hormones and excess of others provides an imbalance causing the production of fat. The thyroid is generally considered to be the organ out of balance when discussing hormones. However testosterone, estrogen and progesterone also play a large role in the scheme of hormones. Only by performing lab tests can the physician determine which hormones are low. So, it is essential to know this information to successfully lose weight.

INSULIN RESISTANCE – This occurs when excess insulin is produced from ingestion of high carbohydrates chronically. Breads, processed foods, high fructose syrup keep the pancreas on overdrive causing high insulin levels creating an increase in sugar cravings, bloating and lethargy. High levels of insulin usually causes fat deposits, usually around the stomach, hip and thigh area. The PROPER diets and certain medications can correct this problem, resulting in weight loss.

ESTROGEN – Excess estrogen in men and women contribute to weight gain. Though estrogen is indeed one of the hormones mentioned previously, it is definitely worth another look as a sole contributor. Estrogen is a major contributor to increased fat deposits. An enzyme within the fat cells converts testosterone to estrogen leading to higher estrogen and even lower testosterone levels. This must be addressed to reverse the high estrogen levels.

XENOESTROGENS – These are environmental chemicals that produce an estrogenic effect, leading to high estrogen levels and more fat gain. These chemicals are derived from plastics, detergents, pesticides, herbicides and other pollutants. Eating more organic, non-GMO foods limit the amount of xenoestrogens absorbed.

FOOD ALLERGIES -Eating foods which you are allergic causes inflammation which activates your adrenal glands which secrete hormones which destabilize insulin and blood sugar levels. Testing for allergens in food will reveal offending food sources.


Our Physician is certified in Metabolic Disorders which affect weight gain and provides a comprehensive approach to obtaining success where other plans fail. A multitude of diets, will power, herbal products, prescriptions and expensive prepackaged meals have not succeeded in the long term goal of weight loss. Losing weight and becoming healthy is possible and expected when then body has access to what it needs metabolically. Just as important, the removal of offending agents known to cause the problem of weight gain is essential.