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Welcome to Patients Choice Medical Center.

Patients Choice Medical Center is a medical facility featuring different specialties offering the lowest cost service under one roof. Though we encourage communication and cooperation with local area health, social and humanitarian services, we are not part of any funded State or Federal program such as local Health Departments, Medicaid or Medicare. Our goal is to offer exceptional medical care at a low price to the struggling American public. Whether considering our poor, middle class or Spanish speaking community, we know it is more difficult to afford quality healthcare and medications for everyone. We merely seek to provide a solution.

Since the crash of September, 2008, our economy has had a drastic negative effect on healthcare. Whether you are insured, under-insured or without health insurance, costs are much higher now. Those who are insured tend to have greater premiums and still responsible for higher a copay at the time of service. With the advent of the “Affordable Care Act”, some Americans have obtained coverage…..but with a very high deductible! This means they are essentially “self pay” patients until the yearly deductible amount has been met (which most likely will not occur in 1 year).

Patients Choice Medical Center‘s primary focus is our patients. Our physicians are experienced, well trained professionals that care. By offering a more affordable cost, access to a quality doctor has become a lot easier. There are no third party premiums needed, no high deductibles to meet and the overall cost is very low compared to other offices.

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